I design and facilitate processes that enable transformation (inner and outer) towards greater wellbeing and positive impact
All the tools I use serve individual and group settings

Leadership Competencies

I define leadership as the willingness and capacity to step courageously into the future that is awaiting for us to manifest, as well as the capacity to bring people together into a joint effort to co-create the path towards it.

I design trainings and provide coaching to support individuals develop leadership capacity as well as support teams develop their collective leadership. The core competencies I work with are: (1) Self-awareness (2) Relational Awareness and (3) Wise Action.

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I resonate with what my teachers say, Mindfulness Meditation is heart medicine. It is a path to freedom and wellbeing.

I share with people what I have learned from my daily meditation practice and meditations retreats experience over the years, as well as the gifts I am receiving from my training in The Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach.

I tend to integrate mindfulness practices in all the work I do.

Work That Reconnects

The WTR is a form of group work that supports people build personal and collective resilience in a world full of uncertainty and complexity. Reawakens inner strength and empowers people take part in the healing of our world in their unique way.

This work is done following a Spiral of 4 stages. The Spiral can be repeated as many times as desired, allowing more depth each time.

I design and co-facilitate regular 4-part & 5-part workshops to guide people into Spiral Journeys. Also weekend immersions and 4-days retreats.

This work can also be brought to any type of organisation which wants to/is working towards regeneration, to activist groups and to educational institutions.

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Flow Game

The Flow Game is a group process designed as a board game that supports individuals and/or groups to find clarity and purpose in an important area of their life.

There are 2 types of games: Personal Game, where each individual brings a question to the center of the game and the Team Game, where one collective question is brought to the center.

I regularly organise groups of 3 – 6 people and host a game session that can go from 2 hours up to 6 hours. You can take part in a Personal Game with other players who I will bring together or bring with you a group of friends.

You can play a Team Game by bringing your team and/or other members of your organisation.

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Women Empowerment

I co-facilitate regular 4-part workshops for women where we dive into the practice of self-compassion as a powerful tool for reclaiming our voice and power to heal. We focus on empowering women to move towards their wellbeing by setting boundaries, learning how to say no, saying yes to our needs and motivating ourselves to make necessary shifts in our lives.

The Vision for Women Circle for Reclaiming Your Voice and Power is to build, empower and nurture the community of women the world needs for a life-giving future by stepping into our full power.

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