ongoing projects


The New Earth Schoolan online, educational platform to shift behaviour towards regeneration of planet and people.

We are a group of humans dedicated to create the world our hearts know is possible.

The Vision for The New Earth School is to be a leading global resource that inspires, educates, and activates for people, new ways of living on Earth that result in the regeneration of the Earth, greater self-actualisation of the individual, and healthier ways of relating, working, and living together.

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Fierce Self-Compassion for Women Circles, a 4-week course for women where we explore the active part of self-compassion: taking a step towards the alleviation of our suffering by setting boundaries, learning how to say no, saying yes to our needs and motivating ourselves to make necessary shifts in our lives.

The Vision for Fierce Self-Compassion for Women Circles is to be a resource that empowers and nurtures the community of women the world needs for a life-giving future by stepping into our full power.

We also offer short courses and stand-alone workshops with different content that supports women build resilience.

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Leadership for Sustainable Societies Program, an educational program and nordic movement that help adult learners (1) to gain an understanding of social sustainability, (2) grow and practice leadership skills, and (3) connect with conscious peers across the Nordics and cooperate in the creation of the vision socially sustainable Nordic and Baltic region.


Cambium – Acompañamiento Sostenible, facilitating workshops for youth in different topics to support them develop the skills needed for personal development, enhanced wellbeing and to make positive impact.

En Cambium facilitamos talleres para jóvenes en temas que les ayudan a desarrollar habilidades claves para su desarrollo personal, bienestar e impacto positivo en la sociedad: resiliencia, gestión emocional, comunicación positiva, creatividad, sostenibilidad.