I am a meditator practitioner and I invite you to pause and meditate with me.

Mindfulness meditation to develop presence; to ground ourselves; to find peace within; to connect body&mind; to listen to the inner voice underneath all the habitual chatter; to weaken reactive patterns.

Loving-kindness meditation to awaken the loving-kindness within and bring it to relationships with self and others; to develop compassion; to relate to the inner and outer experience with a compassionate open heart.

Contemplative practices to reconnect with self and nature and to be present to our world.

Reconnect with self: by creating space to ground and connect, these practices can take the shape of journaling, guided reflection, centering breathing, conscious movement and moral imagination visualizations.

Reconnect with nature: some powerful practices are mindful deep nature walks, moral imagination visualizations, walking meditation and holding rituals and ceremonies.

My meditation practice is inspired by Buddha’s teachings, different meditation techniques -specially vipassana meditation and loving-kindness meditation-, the movement of engaged buddhism coined by Thích Nhất Hạnh and western meditation teacher Tara Brach.

Contemplatives practices inspired by different ancient spiritual traditions, Buddhist teachings, Deep Ecology and Joanna Macy’s work.