Flow Game

Bring FLOW into your LIFE!

I am a certified host of the The Flow Game and I invite you to experience its magic together with your team at work, with a group of friends/family or with -initially- strangers.

The Flow Game is a group process designed as a board game that supports individuals and/or groups to find clarity and purpose in an important area of their life.

In the Personal Game each individual brings a question to the center of the game. The question can be sharpen in advance so that whatever is brought to the game is truly meaningful.

In the Team Game, one collective question in brought to the center. As the inquiry concerns all players.

The Flow Game creates a space for individual and collective consciousness and intelligence to emerge through reflection, dialogue and interactive learning. Its purpose is to ground, strengthen and bring clarity to the life-affirming leadership and actions of the players by bringing focus and flow into an important area or question in ones life; be it a project, a future direction of work or relationships or as part of one’s personal growth.

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