A Journey into the Spiral

a 4-part online workshop


The first workshop will take place on February 15th. We will gather on the 3rd Wednesday of the month for 4 consecutive months from 18:30 to 21:00 CET / 9:30 to 12:00 PST.

| February 15th | March 15th | | April 19th | | May 17th |

*It is important to participate in the entire experience, so we recommend adding the 4 workshop dates to your calendar!


We are inviting you to A Journey into the Spiral, a 4-part online workshop to resource yourself and radiate the ripples into the world.

Many of us live within systems where the fast-speed productivity rhythm is the norm. Beyond that, it is not easy to live in a system that is unravelling, where feelings of stuck, despair, fear and helplessness taint our relationship to life. In the midst of this, a deep gratitude arises towards the work of our beloved Joanna Macy and many others, who have gifted us with The Work That Reconnects (WTR). The WTR brings us a Spiral of Gratitude, Honouring our Pain for the World, Seeing with New/Ancient Eyes and Going forth. 

This Spiral Journey has the power to brings us into sacred space to ground, connect with ourselves, others and the living world, and discover practices that support us navigating the mess we are living in; to share and welcome our multicoloured feelings and concerns, to rejoice in dreaming and imagining what’s possible. 

Our wish is to host all of you who feel called to participate; that you can support and strengthen each other in the different ways of taking part in the endeavour of working towards the healing of our world. We wish that you can experience you are not alone and that it is fine to feel lost; that you are able to tap into the resources which live inside you and that you find inspiration & strength from the collective wisdom of the group. 


We will hold the workshop if we get a minimum of 9 participants and the limit is 23.

Within this journey we ask you for active participation, both when it comes to listening to others and sharing your voice. 

Each stage of the Spiral will frame one workshop. The workshops will include: rituals, brief teachings on the fundamentals of the Spiral, experiential practices, individual reflective practices and small & large groups work and sharings.

We will provide a list of optional reading materials and home practice prompts for the time in between workshops.

Each workshop lasts 2h30m, having a total of 10h together. 

If there is interest from the participants, we will also provide a “buddy system” for those who wish to deepen the work connecting in between sessions.


We will meet in Zoom. The link will be provided once you have registered and made your payment. 


Cecilia Netto and Daniela Tablado will host you throughout this journey.

We both knew about the work of Joanna Macy and since we participated in the WTR Facilitator Development Program 2020-21, we became drawn to each other as co-facilitators, rejoicing in the spark, creativity and love that emerges from sitting together to design workshops. We bring our hearts to the facilitation of Spiral Journeys where we have been gifted with participants who see the great power of The Work that Reconnects and have encouraged us to keep holding the space for more people to benefit from it. In our workshops, we also integrate other practices from our backgrounds: mindfulness, artistic expression, ritual & ceremony, wisdom traditions.


We offer a sliding scale of €200 – €50 per participant.

This is a single payment covering the 4 workshops. We appreciate your contribution greatly, as the financial support we get makes it possible for us to keep devoting time to this work.

Please, if a contribution of €50 isn’t possible for you, write us an email (tabladobth@gmail.com) and we will find a solution.


“For me the spiral journey was one of the most touching and inspiring journeys. To be able to share with others from across the world how the climate crisis is affecting me, you and all of us was very beautiful and gave me hope. To know that we are not alone in this, but that we have the power to go through this together and bring change together. We are part of and supported by the web of life!The space was really well held by Ceci and Dani. It really felt safe to share emotions and experiences. You could really feel the passion and love of the two women for the work that they are doing. I really appreciated their openness, care and the beautiful energy they brought into the sessions. I am excited to see how their work will grow and inspire more people!” – Alise

“The Work That Reconnects is an intense spiral journey within yourself, sharing positive and negative feelings with the others. It gives hope about the human kind and moreover, makes the pain smaller because you realize you’re not alone in this wonderful World.
Great credits go to Cecilia and Daniela, which facilitated the path with their kindness and passion.
They were able to create an environment free of judgment and open to exploration and I hope their work could inspire other people!” – Cristiana


Cecilia is a nomadic feral soul, in love with Life and the world’s differences. She lived and worked around the world’s continents, especially in the Global South, trying to pursue the very big dream of preserving the beauty and magic of this planet, reconnecting with peoples’ souls and Mother Nature in order to leave a better place for the creatures that will come next.

She is an ecofeminist environmental rainbow activist with an artistic touch to what she does..in her work she tries to put together the passions she has: the social-humanitarian field, the deep spiritual connection with Mother Nature and her creatures and the creative-artistic approach to Life…a very big quest!

She was raised from a non conventional wild family, in the National Park of Abruzzo where she was homeschooled. At the moment, she is happily immersed in her full time motherhood journey, while trying to create an ecoviallge in the southern part of Italy with whom she loves.

Daniela has a passion for immersing herself in different cultures, working among diverse worldviews and connecting to Nature wherever she goes. She has enriched her life from living in contrasting countries. Learning from different jobs in teaching, tutoring, group process design and facilitation, human resources, office management, event planning and sales in Spain, China, Switzerland, Australia, as well as volunteering work inThe Philippines and Indonesia.

Her master studies on leadership and sustainability in Sweden lead her to the endeavour she’s been over the last years, facilitating individual and systemic transformation towards ways of being and doing that bring inner healing and protect life on Earth. She strives for bringing spirituality and consciousness shift into the field of systems change.

She was born on the volcanic island of Tenerife, Canary Islands. A place she warm-heartedly cherishes. Currently she’s still in a rather nomadic way of living, having patience until the place to settle down shows itself.