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reconnecting to Source

transformation & healing through re···-opening the heart

why I am here

My life purpose is to unlearn everything that prevents me from BEING the genuine expression of human nature: LOVE. Which is what I also call reconnecting to Source. And encourage those around me to do the same so that we can all live in harmony within the Earth community.

I believe that when we re-open our hearts and embody LOVE, we can heal and integrate all parts of our being. And as we heal ourselves, we also join others in the healing of our world. A collective healing that is part of the movement towards the systems’ change mother Earth is asking from us to accelerate and that I am committed to.

my guiding poem


Trust creates space for stillness and presence.

Trust creates space for peace and acceptance.

Stay with what is. 

Stay open to life.

Reopen your heart in every moment,

so that life energy can flow through you,

nourish you,

and love you.

D. August’21

Thank you for being here

May you be well